888 has to be corrupt

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    Sammy3331 WANTED $3

    I’ve recently signed up to Gamstop but unfortunately 888 is still available to play and I failed and signed up it’s stupid on my part I guess but I’ve never seen such a stitch up of a casino in totally deposited £960 and only played Bonanza on £1-£2 spins the whole amount gave just 3 teases and not a single bonus with the biggest win being around £20 surly this isn’t fair or right l agree I’m a teat for cracking then chasing but it must have been 1500 or more spins just discrasful and spent almost all my months wages ?

    Anonymous WANTED $483

    Its not 888 mate…..

    Its the company that own the game – Big time Gaming that are the corrupt Cunts!


    I actually posted a similar story about this fucking Cancerous slot!

    Hope you can sort the Gamban soon mate.


    blacko1974 WANTED $248

    888 shouldn’t have let you sign up in the first place mate it has the Gamstop logo at the bottom of their homepage, Gamstop say it can take up to 24 hours to activate the exclusion but when I signed up it was almost instant. Remember to give Gamstop every last detail e.g. previous address, other emails etc.. As an addict I can say that GS is definitely the way to go, email 888 and tell them you want your deposit back as they would have probably told you to piss off had you won from your deposit, I was successful on 2 occasions in getting my deposit back even though they fucked about big time looking for IBAN and RIB numbers. Good luck Sammy

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    888 shouldn’t let you sign up. Report it to the UKGC and fine them a 7 figure sum. You’ll even get your cash back if your lucky.


    Being said it’s impossible to change the GAME rounds of a slot at any casino. The spin results come from the RNG that attaches to each spin and it’s houses off site on servers approved by the UKGC.



    Duxsta WANTED $9

    Hold up a bit…YOU decided to gamble, YOU deposited your money and YOU chose what game you played. How at all is your decision their fault? When you make a mistake in life the best thing you can do is own it…and never do it again, I wanna gamble all day and all night but I choose not to, yes it sucks but come on you cannot blame anyone for spunking your wages up the wall but yourself.


    What would you say to a junkie who blamed his dealer for serving them…? The disease is the same, I hope you get the help that you need and shove these words up my backside, use them to control when you gamble and enjoy life for what it is.

    Sammy3331 WANTED $3

    No I agree I’ve Ben there a million times I’m saying how on earth can a machine take 1500-2000 spins to bonus there’s fair play rules attached you don’t go to the drug dealer ask for a bag of crack and get 2 small pheasants or you don’t go to a dr ask for help and he give you an 8 ball on tick just unjust I think even if there shit bonus’s at least make them exciting

    Nathanio WANTED $21

    unfortunately, it happens! I’ve done 3500 spins for a 6x bonus on bonanza before. However I’ve also fallen on the other side of RNG and hit 3 bonuses within 50 spins and hit 300x, 70x and 800x. It’s all, dare I say it….. luck. You click the start button, it plays a random game. The games come from an unlimited pool sample and are in no way controllable by anyone, least if all the casinos them selves!


    In short, you don’t complain when you hit 3 quick bonuses and snatch a quick profit, so don’t complain when your compulsion to gamble, frankly vast sums of money bites you in the arse!

    redbell2018 WANTED $7

    no one has a right to a bonus. if the bandit wins 5k on a reel king gamble other people will lose to make up for it.

    just look at the photo uploads of ‘big winners’. to get to that stage there would have been losers before or losers after that win. even the photo uploads doesn’t tell you how much has been spent to get it either on that day or the proceeding hours,days,weeks.months.

    there was a girl at GA who said she spent a grand on rainbow riches at a service station. she had used her boyfriends cards/her weekend holiday money. she went to get further cash out from the atm. boyfriend went to the bog. came back and someone had won a gamble to 500 on the same machine.


    that is how it works…..

    Carly WANTED $1

    how do you expect casinos to make any money if every deposity resulted in a profit. doesn’t matter if it’s £50 or £900, it can’t always pay.

    Realwhiskers WANTED $23



    Firstly, we can’t always win, sadly. You never see a broke casino.


    However, if they’ve signed up to GAMSTOP, and I’ve checked, they are. I suggest you contact support. Get their email, and send a complaint. Before you do this, speak with a GAMSTOP agent, and request proof of the information you’ve used to sign up to GAMSTOP. You’ll get made to upload ID verification and it can take some time, and they’ll email the information in a PDF format, on what information you used to sign up to GAMSTOP with.


    Once you get it, attach that to an email and complain to 888. GAMSTOP isn’t a legal obligation yet, to sign up to the scheme. However, if you’ve signed up to the scheme, it is a legal obligation. Considering 888 already have a breach on their license I’m sure they’ll take this seriously.


    Failing that, if they respond and not return your funds, despite you providing proof of being registered the the scheme, and so are they, speak to GAMSTOP and the UK Gambling Commission.

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