65 Special (Club fruit machine from the 90’s).

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    villanmike WANTED $24

    Myself and an old friend of mine figured out how to win the jackpot on this £100 (10p stake) fruit machine.

    Fortunately, our local club had 2 of these and on one night we won £500. Needless to say they removed them 2 weeks later. They had both the machines for years prior to this and it was a firm favourite with the regs.

    Great days that I really miss.

    PS, hope you’re well Steve 🙂


    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Haha sounds awesome mate, i bet they were well pleased with you!


    Sounds like you worked out a way to keep getting the jackpot, pretty similar to what i try to do on many machines i buy in to this day haha

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