55% ruined a special moment

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    stupot WANTED $1

    Just thought I’d share this as I’m kinda hurting lol. Deposited £50 on a site last Saturday with 30 free spins on book of the dead,I won £1.60 with them :/ thought I’d carry on playing it 50p stake. Had just been thinking 5 min previously how out of 1000s of spins never had top line of explorer and then bang they come in, play couple more games after and get up to £980 . I’m thinking gonna withdraw £500 at least and gonna play £200 ish on dead or alive with higher stake as only played 18p to 45p had some good wins with them 4000 x. So I play £2.70 stake. About 50 quick spins in bang 5 scatters come in £6750  1 away from wild line and extra spins on feature also. So in bit of a daze now have £7700 I withdraw £6000, so pissed off with myself thou . Had seen the slot dragons fire on YouTube and fancied ago. Money was in the bank,Come back half pissed that night and started playing.just £1/£2 stakes. In 2 days I had lost just over £3000 on it.nothing over 150x .  On my last £100 on it I even hit 50 free spins and even that was only bout 80x . Even thou I’m still up £2700 up it really has taken me down :/ what an idiot I am

    Ramm WANTED $32

    I had a run where i wound up about £30 in profit (which is good for me) but id pissed £70 away when i accidentally set the spins at £10 rather than £1. Even though i was in profit i was sick to my stomach about the losses.

    Since then Im extra careful and I like to quit while im ahead and come back after a few days at my usual low stakes.

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