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    Scatterpain WANTED $8

    Hi all. Just a quick story to let you know that happened last night. 21 Casino emailed me 10 free spins on invisible man. Stuck it on and won just over 4 quid. Too that 4 quid to dead or alive on 18p stake. Bonus – £23. Stake up to 90p, Bonus – £123. Wagering done at this point.

    Took that £123 to extra chill. £20 buys. First few failed. Third attempt and got up to 24 spins… gave me £1044. Submitted the screenshot in the big win section.

    Withdrew £800 and took the rest to lightening roulette. Ended up withdrawing another £800 from that. The biggest kick in the balls was when I had £12.60 on zero and it gave a 500x spin. Landed on 32 and no joke, it rolled in zero for what Felt like a week. Killer.

    But overall, taking £1600 from 10 free spins is a good night!

    Best of luck to you all.


    Anonymous WANTED $483

    Very well played sir!

    Get in there my son. And they paid you straight out yeah? If they did Congrats mate, Buy yaself sommat nice and don’t spunk it haha


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)