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    My first win(sort of).

    ’twas 1976, i was a mere 5 years old doing my usual Saturday wander off to the local amusements in the coastal village of Sheringham, Norfolk.

    Had few 2p’s, maybe a whole 20p’s worth which promptly went in to pushers such as Crompton Falls. Didn’t last long.

    I  then wandered round poking coin return flaps searching for coins, sometimes striking it lucky but not this day so I just stood and watched a guy player a ‘nudger’. Simple as it get, huge round buttons, 3 reels with a forth for the nudge numbers. He won a few times and walked off. Thing is the winnings were still sitting in the enormous coin collector right in front of me, shiny 10p’s. I looked round for the guy, could not see him so helped myself! rich for the day!!!!

    sinacory WANTED $2

    It is very cool

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)