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    Muroksl WANTED $3

    So there I am Its Sunday Afternoon at the masters darts in MK watching me mum drooling over Peter Wright but hey it’s still a day out innit.

    Trying for the most part to squeeze every little ounce of the 1 bar phone signal just to catch up on the United game as the Wi-fi ain’t happening at all and all the time getting a foam finger in the back of me head by a little kid, I thought hurry up so at least I can watch the final tonight at home with me feet up in peace with a cold one.

    And there we are it’s done but of course me mum needs the toilet ! So I’m waiting like a good son when I spot this guy walk past, I thought nah I’m sure it ain’t but you never know.

    So I dash after him like a dog on heat , STEVE I shout then he turns round and I’m like it’s the FUCKING BANDIT !!!

    Love yer vids mate I said expecting a cheers mate but jog on will yer.

    But we only start having a chat and he happens to mention he has a spare ticket for the final and would I like it, yeah good one I thought I ain’t that stupid, no for real mate it ain’t bullshit. By this time I’ve remembered me mums probably looking for me , oh there she is,Throw her the car keys and say go wait for me then im with the bandit.

    Anyhow I arrange to come back in a couple of hours still thinking is he playing me like a right fool, but later as I’m driving back I get a message I got you ticket just ask at the door.

    Still sceptical I go in and before I know it Ive got a fucking VIP wristband pass and a ticket.
    I head up to the balcony, alright mate he says there’s a free bar there get yourself a drink oh and yeah that’s Stephen Bunting there getting pissed. So i milk the bar for a regular Pepsi and we head down to watch the darts.

    Awesome seats in the VIP section I felt like a celeb.

    Anyway a couple of hours of entertainment watching Stevie and Dave down pitcher after pitcher they come up with this random bet for a 11-5 Gerwen win , I’ll put a monkey on it’s only 5-1 but what the hell.

    It’s 3-3 and I’m like not looking likely is it.
    But what followed was the inevitability of this in gonna happen and I was well getting into like is was my bet to , BOOM the winning dart goes in total mayhem!

    I would just like to thank Steve and Dave for this utterly amazing bonkers evening which even now doesn’t seem real what a couple of top blokes.

    And Dave what was that Chinese takeaway order ??

    Seedy WANTED $771

    Great to have you with us mate 🤣👍 glad you had a good laugh. 😎

    Malkychamp WANTED $403

    Bumped your mum for the bandit you should be ashamed of yourself haha sounded like a great night 😀

    Kazza78 WANTED $9

    Sounds like a great day mate. Fair play to the Bandit.

    Trowblerone WANTED $33

    What a class touch.

    Mr B WANTED $395

    Class story but disgusting that you caned the bar for a glass of pepsi… abusive use of power that 😀 I’d have done the same as a non-drinker lol

    Stevie25 WANTED $254

    Top man that Bandit, well done 😂 Good to hear you guys having a ball 😊 Wish I was there haha 😉

    Haz40 WANTED $1,034

    Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest he did that. Just the measure of the man. 😁

    Eightblack WANTED $377

    Bandit if your ever wondering about Bournemouth and see a handsome guy with long hair and wicked style he loves an open bar too, he looks just like the dude in my avatar 😉😉


    Only joking lol sounds like a mental evening what a star 🌟

    The Bandit WANTED $4,074
    El Bandito

    It was a great night the Sunday and made all the better with the 11-5 score line at the end haha – glad to get the ticket to someone who was genuinely a darts fan and had been there earlier in the day, rubbing shoulders with the players we were haha Shame you couldn’t have a drink as you were driving mate but we really appreciated getting dropped off at the hotel at the end as getting a taxi would have been a nightmare with all those people haha

    Apologies for the delayed response, i can’t get my posting to work when i am out and about much and then just like i normally do… i forgot lol Glad you enjoyed yourself matey 😀

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