£10 new account, £13k withdraw

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    I played slots online about 10 years ago, and then took a long break.

    A couple of years ago, I had upgraded my phone and the old sim card had ten pounds credit that was a hassle if not impossible to claim back, and I recalled this old mobile site that accepted phone credit as a deposit.


    Trying to search for it, couldn’t find it, but to my surprise, quite a lot of casinos popped up that accepted phone credit for deposit and I found one that had netent and various others, so went with it. I registered my account and put the phone credit on.

    I managed some lucky balance building to about £200 then upped my stakes to £10 on reel rush, got the feature and landed several layers deep of strawberry box symbols and won almost £3,000

    I wanted to withdraw, so enquiried, but they wanted to verify my ID and said then I must deposit £10 via credit card, and then I would be able to withdraw.

    They told me the withdrawal limit was £1,000/day – but I was happy, that’s crazy money for me. When I verified my documents, I pointed out my passport was a few months past expiry, but they accepted it and congratulate me and the first £1,000 was on its way.

    With about £1,800 or so still on my casino balance, I decided to play some more, not go under £1000 and then withdraw the rest tomorrow.

    Well I ended that session upto £5,000 or so, and long story short, every day that passed, I was able to withdraw another £1,000 and I’d play with the rest.

    13 days later, or £13,000 withdrawn, I had about £1,900 left on my casino balance when they contacted me to inform me that my passport ID was invalid and they would not be able to process anymore payments until I sent in copies of a valid passport (in date).

    I pointed out to them I mentioned this at the start, but they wanted the new one. It was going to take a couple of weeks to arrive, and so I decided I was going to have to wait ages, so I gambled the last couple of grand almost, and it wasn’t to be, that was it.

    That’s a true story, and I imagine this little casino looked a little more carefully at future ID dates, especially when the customer points out “it’s out of date, but it’s still me.”

    The irony of them all, was if they weren’t so tight to limit customers to £1,000/day withdrawal, I’d have come away with just under £3,000 – but with the limiting, the following fortnight saw me win the most ever.

    Later that year I played somewhere a little bigger that didn’t have these limits, and it marked the beginning of a very crazy year, that ended with the year, and it all began with ten quid phone credit.

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    superb mate, good on you.

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    Even if it sounds stupid, that they deny your verification, they have to apply by laws, meaning money. The details have to be up to date and correct.

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    I played fishing frenzy for 10 p and I stuck so  I reload it again and accidentally stake 2£ a 3 scatters com up 589

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