£1 to £20,000 at Grosvenor’s

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    Ivor-Tinyone WANTED $42

    This was about 5 years ago…


    I was bored on my birthday at the pub about 90 miles away from home visiting family.

    I ended up sneaking away on my own and found a casino.

    I went in with the limit of spending only £100.

    When I walked in the receptionist told me I had to register, so I filled out the forms and was told to wait in the foyer while they completed checks (I guess)

    In the foyer there was about 10 of the £500 FOBT you would recognise from the bookie’s or a service station.

    I had a couple loose pound coins so I thought why not.

    First pound in and I did a £1 spin on rainbow riches… £100 boom! I couldn’t believe it. So I put my £100 that I took to spend and folded it in my back pocket with the thought that I could just use the £100 winnings… Yes mate!!!


    Registration done, 100 pound coins changed to notes and I start on a couple of slots in the casino. Put in £40 between 2 different machines and took away a little profit of about a couple hundred. I felt like there was no way this night could be more profitable but carried on anyway because I was having a really good chilled out session on me tod.


    The roulette table called to me…

    This is where it takes a life changing and stupid turn (too many rum and cokes, courage and greed)

    Almost every spin I was hitting my jackpot numbers. So like an idiot I started upping the ante.

    So from the odd £5 jackpot numbers to £10 to £20 and eventually £50 I managed to rack up £20,000 of winnings and an envious audience of complete strangers.

    I come to my senses and stopped playing.

    I don’t know anyone who can say they payed off there brand new BMW completely with a pound.


    Since then I’ve had some ridiculous wins like £43k on Dead or alive on £18 spin or my recent deposit of £100 to £5k win on wild swarm doing my 20p spins and increasing the pay level by 1 every 100 spins, till I loose my bottle and stop risking high stake bets.


    But please do not take my exciting wins as a push to start waisting your money on gambling as the saying goes “the house always wins”. Trust me I’ve definitely lost more than I have won.

    For example; I’m currently down £17k on just one of my online casinos.


    Please only gamble what you can afford to loose.


    I hope you enjoyed my most exciting win. What’s yours?

    villanmike WANTED $24

    That was amazing, thank you!

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Where has this thread from October come from!?

    Great wins bud, what a night for you! Online wins are something, but the ones in the casino are even juicer!

    Ivor-Tinyone WANTED $42

    I’m not sure how this wasn’t seen before. I just assumed nobody was interested haha. Thanks.

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