Reply To: Reel King – Love it or Hate it?

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kidgloves wrote:

I wonder whether the gambles are always a true 50/50 behind the scenes?? Suppose they must be if the prize is repping double or nowt but you never know if there is a house edge going on…..

I actually think its rigged in the bandits favour sometimes. (not personally for the bandit, i mean generally for the player) …. a sort of ‘its already decided thing’ like a FOBT. Ive been in the bookies cover half the board and lost £400 without hitting a number on £20 spins. Other times ive went in and put half my stake on one number and your best number comes in back to back and you just wont miss for 6 spins in a row.

I believe when they want to pay they pay. I think reel king is the same. Bandit is currently beating the odds massively, think about flipping a coin, the odds are pretty insane for it to land on heads 8 times in a row, or how many times he presses it. Not to mention he hits the top like 3 times a video these days lol