Reply To: Yo Bandit, reference your comments on the 110% post

satman WANTED $2



Great post, and thank you for being slightly nicer about it this time…


ok firstly I very much doubt steve is going to disappear, he is making good money out of doing something he loves, I’m not sure where I get these figures from ( maybe from one of his videos, but I got the impression that the revenue from YT goes massively towards funding the £4k deposit on the video .
plus he is getting revenue from the players at these sites too…

And…I’m not giving him grief, it’s a discussion point on something that me and a friend noticed when “ stato” decided to track Steve’s results to see if there was any pattern in the RTP on individual games and his subsequent sessions….

<span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>his on screen run over the past couple of months was extremely “lucky” and hence my initial comment as it felt too good to be true over such a long period of time.. </span>

and when I say a long period of time, I’m not talking about RTP over millions of spins, I am talking about personally never having a run where for 2 months straight, pretty much every day I played for a couple of hours and won, and worst case I got into a hole and got out of it again to achieve parity ( which I totally agree feels like a win !)


and again I agree, watching steve go on tilt is the best entertainment ( sorry Bandit but you are sooo funny)

the Reel King days were amazing and everyone was rooting for you !!)


my concern was that over those 2 months of videos there appeared to be a very clear message where the “ third time lucky” or one for the road kept paying off, and was giving the message that chasing was the way to go….

now one thing that I have always admired Steve for is his ability to walk away, that’s hard to do… and sometimes, no matter how deep he will just up and leave a game, and I think that’s part of his reason for success; I get stubborn at times and it usually ends badly !!

as for poker, you obviously had an edge to be so successful, I presume from the sound of it that you were almost playing GTO before it was even a thing!
as you seem very to be heavily numbers based, which long term playing the numbers in poker will produce a profit … it’s just a fact, add some exploitative play into that and you have yourself a winning player aka you!! ( very jealous btw I love poker )

As for the sites having super users, well as players are signing up having watched the videos, surely it would be in their interests to have an affiliate showing positive results to entice people to play…

So giving an affiliate an edge would potentially be rewarding for them, and the affiliate may not even know.
Rosh has always been too much for me, although I did love the video where he was playing crazy time and the viewer told him to choose green and the yellow went double double double double double !! His face !!!

Foss is the same but does give money/watches away to viewers… ( apparently )


your question about unicorns… hold on I can’t remember it… I’ll be back