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The Bandit wrote:

Ok so it’s a pretty small sample then and doesn’t take in to account all of my play on that site so it’s basically useless surely? I don’t get how you can just stick a comment on saying “running at 110% rtp for last 1200 bonuses” when clearly i’m not am i! Bit of a misleading one that i’m afraid.

I’m never going to agree with some randoms recording of my bonus buy rtp either really am i, there could be all sorts of rubbish in there, only way i’d know myself is by doing it myself and we all know i can’t be fucked with that, all i know is i’m down on that casino on my vids so can’t possibly be a +100% rtp

I’m sure you can appreciate my difference of opinion.

non-gambler young gamblers don’t get it how slots casinos work, they think Casino owns the slots and they can do anything they like, but they don’t get it casinos have no access to slots to change RTP as they wish