Reply To: Crypto casinos

Weemonk23 WANTED $7

Had to reply as your post infuriated me. As someone who all too well knows how gambling can screw your life up, I also know that at the end of the day, regardless of controls you put in place and things you do to mitigate losses, you have to take ownership and have some self control.

Why, if you’re on Gamstop, would you a) be watching the videos and b) giving in and signing up to crypto. You can’t blame anyone but yourself. You could have watched the videos and that’s it. Did you not hold onto the memory of how your life has been previously ruined? If someone playing crypto is enough to tempt you then do not watch gambling videos. You can hardly blame any streamer for your actions. You have a choice and as much as the gambling monkey on your shoulder whispers ‘go on, it’ll be fun. It won’t be like last time’ you could have resisted.

Get rid of your VPN. Delete your crypto apps. Do what you need to and (as many of us have), start again. It sucks you had managed to save money and now that is gone. Probably could be way worse though. If you ever get tempted again, remember how much it sucks right now.