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    waldo86 WANTED $1

    I’ve watched your videos for years now and really enjoy them. I signed up to gamstop a couple of years ago and it solved my issues with gambling. When you started playing on crypto casinos I had never heard of them and ended up gambling again when I saw you play on them. It has ruined my life again as there not on gamstop. I know you say don’t look if you don’t want to know but that’s like sitting an alcoholic at a bar and telling him not not drink. I have blown all my money I’d saved from not gambling and its messed my life up again. I know that was my choice but I think promoting crypto sites is going to ruin a lot of other people aswell. I get why you did it as you make a living off the videos but I don’t think I’m going to be the only one who suffers from it.

    Weemonk23 WANTED $7

    Had to reply as your post infuriated me. As someone who all too well knows how gambling can screw your life up, I also know that at the end of the day, regardless of controls you put in place and things you do to mitigate losses, you have to take ownership and have some self control.

    Why, if you’re on Gamstop, would you a) be watching the videos and b) giving in and signing up to crypto. You can’t blame anyone but yourself. You could have watched the videos and that’s it. Did you not hold onto the memory of how your life has been previously ruined? If someone playing crypto is enough to tempt you then do not watch gambling videos. You can hardly blame any streamer for your actions. You have a choice and as much as the gambling monkey on your shoulder whispers ‘go on, it’ll be fun. It won’t be like last time’ you could have resisted.

    Get rid of your VPN. Delete your crypto apps. Do what you need to and (as many of us have), start again. It sucks you had managed to save money and now that is gone. Probably could be way worse though. If you ever get tempted again, remember how much it sucks right now.

    waldo86 WANTED $1

    I get what your saying its my choice at the end of the day. I watched his videos as something instead of gambling myself. I still think promoting crypto casinos who aren’t licenced is a bit shit as people with bad addiction who there’s plenty of will have another option now. I do try and stay away but it’s a powerful addiction and just takes over sometimes I wish I had more self control but it gets the better of me

    Xbobmad WANTED $731


    At no point in time has the casino been mentioned, nor has it been mentioned about crypto casinos and Gamstop. You’ve chosen to put the Gamstop information on here which in turn could make other people do the same. Which is incredibly stupid. You also cannot access crypto casinos from the UK without a VPN, so you’ve really really had to try hard to lose your money signing up to VPN, finding out the casino, pissing about changing money to crypto etc.

    The NHS has a gambling service, you should get in touch with them asap because you’ve obviously got bigger problems with gambling then you think, sign up and have a chat with them and they will do everything they can to point you in the right direction.

    Joeholdway WANTED $44

    I had a very similar experience regarding this situation but where mine differs I deposited 40 quid on the casino but all the messing about to actually get it in really f**ked me off to the point I got them on the live chat and asked them to self exclude me which to be fair to them was done near on instantly and bang goes any temptation hope you get your self sorted too

    Anonymous WANTED $16

    Sign up to them, ask for lifetime exclusion. No more temptation to play. I reckon the Curaçao house of cards will be blown down in the next year anyway. So many actual licenced sites have decided not to pay out winnings to me recently that it is now not worth it. I have excluded from a large number of sites now and won’t ever play in the UK again. Gambling and slotting is getting so boring now and I have really lost interest. Genuinely no excitement anymore.

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