Reply To: Same thing happened regarding your bank account to somebody else

Sam arthur WANTED $1

Hi bandit I’ve watched you for literally years mate , I’ve had this happen this year exactly the same situation , exactly the same bank and overdrafts , Barclays are doing a thing called de banking , where anybody in a supposed ( high risk industry ) ( I deal in the scrap industry myself ) and are basically shutting accounts , if you call the fraud team they where more helpful with myself , don’t call the number they recommend the people are like stone gargoyles and seem to repeat the same script over and over , you will most probally receive a letter in 2 weeks saying they have closed your account how ever you take thus letter into your local branch and they have to either pay you out or deposit funds in a different bank account , you will get all your money back , still to this day I’ve had nothing back from Barclays apart from my money no explanation or anything ( I banked with them for serveral years personal and business with a regular vat and tax returns shown ) give us a message if you want to know a bit more hope this helps I know how this can effect your family etc I was in a holiday at the time it happened to me when my business card got declined , it will take about a month to resolve its self and there’s no way you can push it quicker . Hope this helps