Reply To: Same thing happened regarding your bank account to somebody else

Elvisp1977 WANTED $7

Hi Steve

this is disgusting that Barclays Bank or any bank can put a account overdrawn by 500 000 pounds (2 accounts)while they conduct a investigation

Reading what happened to the lady in Birmingham it looks like the same thing has happened to you the lady received a apology what’s the use of that somebody should be held accountable
I think the banking ombudsman should be made aware of this and if Barclays are the only bank doing this then people should think twice before banking with them as this could happen to them in the future

I hope this gets sorted out quickly (not so you will be back on utube) so you can get you life back something like this could get a person not as strong as you to commit suicide

take care I don’t have much money but I would gladly give you 50 pounds to help you over Christmas (I only get my pension so I can no longer afford to gamble)

take care get sorted then see if you can’t get some recompense from them

Take care all will come out in the wash

your friend