Reply To: Bandit, Q about ‘Nine to 5’

ImperialDragon WANTED $67

Isn’t the Martingale system where you bet on either red or black on roulette?  Then you keep doubling your bet until your colour comes in.  The odds are just under half, 18/37, approx 48.6%.

If the jackpot on Nine to 5 is 6.73X, then once the RTP is factored in, the odds of hitting the jackpot will be more like 1 in 7 instead of 1 in 6.73.  Martingaling a 1-in-7 system is going to be a lot more remote than Martingaling an approx. 1-in-2 system.  I do get where you’re coming from though that playing Nine to 5 in God Mode is like playing roulette rather than a slot.