Reply To: Crypto Casino Journey – Questions and Answers

Blinky2 WANTED $1

Everyone is different. Everyone has a different budget.  I play low stakes and high volatility.  20p or 40p etc. And have VERY low deposit limits over several sites for variety. Average £30 limits. Which is not going to see me on the street if It goes wrong. That still may be a massive amount for some people who go on this site just to have a nose… ( or force their opinions down your throat lol ) ..

Going on to the Gamban issue.. of you got a problem with Gambling then you shouldn’t be looking at a Gaming channel or related  website.. surely.. If you had drug related problems you wouldn’t hang around outside a chemist…. on the crypto side of things I can definitely see the advantages IF you can afford to bonus buy.. Especially with games like Densho as I can spin that and spin that and i can never get it to bonus..or do much.. Paying to get a guaranteed bonus would save a lot of time.

like everything in life their is RISK versus REWARD. And crypto doesn’t suit my particular circumstances.  Though I use a VPN anyway and with blueprint games I can still get AUTOSPINS on normal UK sites.

Playing my style will never make me rich. But it won’t see me poor either. And sometimes…you might just get lucky…

Cheers Everyone