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    Johan WANTED $2

    Hi Bandit, love your videos!

    you should play more hacksaw for greater consistancy, my favourite is “stack ’em” and “book of time” the time bonus, never seems to fail me!

    please play and thank me later 😉

    razvanro WANTED $13

    Hey Steve, could you give ITERO from Hacksaw Gaming a bash? Interesting game, had a few nice wins on it. Also, if you want to try Rotten again I highly advise instead of buying the bonus, just activate the x5 the stake for extra chance at getting it naturally, I find it comes in a respectable amount and the results feel better than when you buy it. For me at least.


    razvanro WANTED $13

    Note that you can activate TURBO or even SUPER TURBO on Hacksaw Gaming to get the superbonus spins going faster.

    Slot WANTED $38
    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $696

    Mate… can you do franks farm …. because this fucking thing refuses to bonus, it’s just never ending spin after spin . I have no idea if it’s good…. And when it max wins ill  send you my bank account for the refund cheers

    ( and don’t forget  dj psycho, rip city ….. and I stand by that vending machine is a dark horse with a monster win inside it )

    CryptoG82 WANTED $19

    Sword of Ares – good luck getting even 20% of the bonus buy.

    On the new hacksaw Immortal game I managed a 5840X on the super bonus(200x buy) After about 5 duff ones. Seems to be extremely volatile.


    Degensrus WANTED $1

    Fwiw…here’s my experience with crypto. I am on gamstop, I regretted it after 2 weeks as I was losing money on all the crap casinos, and didn’t realise I would lose poker also (the sites I played were slower to get on board).

    after doing my nut in with the crap casinos I eventually found crypto casinos (the most famous one that rhymes with drake) and I got some great wins that just weren’t possible in uk, especially as the regulations were getting even tighter in uk. After a while my bank decided enough was enough. I was buying crypto on my debit card, then selling it to my PayPal account (was less fees that way). I had started out with coinbase but moved to binance when trying to cash in on the doge craze…doge deposits were going through in a few seconds as opposed to bitcoin in a few days sometimes! My bank made a blanket ban on binance transactions so I went back to coinbase who had doge finally. All went ok for a while but one day after a bit of a losing streak I tried to make a large deposit as was about to bet hard (monopoly live was my game of choice) my purchase was declined and I started getting pop ups saying “bank card no longer valid” from all my online subscriptions (Netflix etc) so I logged into my online banking, there were no accounts. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All the while I’m watching monopoly live as my money woukd have been through bu now and I could have been betting anything from 25 to 200 on rolls…. Of course, it landed a 2500x while I was trying to phone my bank, so they got it in the ear for half an hour. That would have been me absolutely rolling in money.

    it took a few days to get my bank account bank, in the meantime they had reported me coinbase and coinbase closed my account. I then had ti provide more paperwork than the daily mail printing press to show a full audit of where all the money was coming from and going. Basically without saying it they were trying to stitch me up for money laundering. I lost my bank accounts, had to get paid by cheque at work for a while (which opened up all sorts of questions and scrutiny) and I ended up a loser after being finally being up in gambling for a while…. It’s almost as if the whole lot of them were in cahoots because I seriousl couldn’t believe the serious of coincidences.long story short, once bitten…never again….be warned….they’ll find a wait to shaft you

    Lauraokxx WANTED $1


    first time commenting and participating in the forum, been watching your videos for a while now!
    could I request gluttony, it’s by no limit. I remember you playing it once or twice when you first started on the crypto casino and had a big win and haven’t seen you playing it since 🙂


    thanks in advance!

    Wormweed WANTED $42

    Vikings unleashed megaways is at least 5 times harder to gamble to max max max if you start off with 12 spins, the difference in the buy cost is just time saved, they all have the same RTP so in the end the total cost is going to even itself out,

    I have seen a few max max max bonuses, and they all started at 27 spins on 0.40-0.60 stake, and they all paid around 10000x. So i think the game does have a max max max mode in it, like hot mode on T2.

    Slot WANTED $38


    New nolimit Nine to Five second bonus buy max win

    sionjohnsmith@yahoo. WANTED $2

    Can we have a single series on golden catch Steve? All the different stakes I fucking love that game 🫡

    Wullieq WANTED $1

    Hi bandit, half way through your triple max effort. Not sure if its been said already but anyone else notice when the gamble is going to fail it lags before it spins?

    naaiR78 WANTED $1

    See if they have Dragon Realm

    razvanro WANTED $13


    Try using CTRL+ Mouse Scroll Up/Down to increase/decrease the size of the page, it might help with scrolling through the game providers.

    Andyg81 WANTED $4

    If you want to find a game by provider just click on the name under a slot by that provider. If wanted to see all NoLimitCity games click on NLC under Mental for example.

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