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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $705

SlotsBlogger wrote:

@seyahkram1977 a fellow Kingmaker player! It is my all time favourite slot and I must have done over 1000 grinds in it’s lifetime and the most i’ve ever got the purps to is 9x. I had to get my calculator out as I thought it was BS, but it comes out about right. Then it suddenly dawned on me that there is a version of KM and SlotVegas (Fully Loaded) that randomise the multipliers on each spin. I think that’s the reason the screenshot shows the multis the way the are. Oh how I dream of a build like that!

Ohhhh piss you’re  right ….. yeah I’ve seen that version of the game …but man alive …. Hitting that 80x and a line across … ohhh so disappointing in a nice way I was like “ right I’m having this “