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Alright Phil mate.

Does it make any difference to the game when you refresh the page or it crashes? Like if I’m playing bonanza for hours and it crashes I feel like it’s making me start again when I reopen lol.. I’ve heard the bandit say similar when he opens a game and it plays his last bonus so he refreshes it because it pisses him off lol.. i guess the question is does the game see your session as a whole session or is spin individual? I dunno if that makes sense, in my head it does lol


Hey. Not at all. Each spin is triggered at random by the casino sending a request to the provider for a game round result. Doesn’t matter when, how, previous wins or anything. Its a common belief it matters but it doesn’t. At all.

yeah i guess this is something as an ex arcade/fobt player i should really know but online its really different. in a bookies i can sit a a machine, ita all mine, the payout percent (Whats its actually paid, not its RTP) are unquie to that machine. I know if play that machine long enough i will get the big win (likely still make heavy loss) but its only that machine im competing with.

Online im competing with every single online player. That big win i keep trying to get could ten seconds ago have just been given to some player on the same stake playing on the other side of the world!

Very interesting reply phil ok here goes I have been a slot player all my life I programmed spot the ball pay rise by ace I can’t use my name for obvious reasons nice to meet you your a very clever genuine guy can see that. I have 1 question about in-line please lil devil had 3 30000x wins all on 20 p stake since the machine made it onto are electrical devices years ago when I get a big win I can go a year without 1 again ?? When I got this big win do they know it’s me so take all that profit back like in a land based destination and also if I won it on say sky casino first then party poker 2nd will they not let me win that big 30000 x win again or is it really random because obviously as a slot player we all no compensated games every one can be beaten if you no what I mean any info would be greatly appreciated thanks