Reply To: Bandit Slotting out of boredom

jor7699 WANTED $1

faratrousers: respect your scepticism, and i was exactly the same it takes time and a lot of research to find the right place you may feel slightly more comfortable playing not that anyone should gamble to be honest i do NOT condone gambling at all even though  i am addict myself i know i am sometimes i can control it sometimes i tilt and go off the rails swings in roundabouts. But what you are saying going out of UK gambling sites i have used Crypto sites on and off for a few years now and lost a fair amount of money in the process testing different sites and methods etc. trying to find ways around it and get away with depositing and withdrawing with the most amount anonymity as possible and would like to say i have found a few sites i still use without any issues with KYC especially withdrawing funds ( especially if you are withdrawing large funds like $1000’s then you do it small amounts at a time $200 or $500 at a time rather than trying and withdraw it all in one go) but is that not gambling in its entirety, hence why we do it. i also get what Guy212 is saying in some context you may find it insulting to hear that because someone can afford to do it doesn’t mean they should and insult to it be mentions the likes ( awww because i was bored) Tbf it is his own money and what he chooses to do with it is up to him, personally i would love nothing more than 20-30k just to land in my bank account it would definitely relive my stress and worries and put me in a more financially stable mindset. But at the same just take it all with a pinch of salt.