Reply To: Bandit Slotting out of boredom

farahtrousers WANTED $20

Well of course there is the basic promotion of the idea and I feel for the true addicts but I’m not sure who or what is to blame anymore. We know people don’t care to the point they will promote it. But what support they offer alongside that promotion is either seen as a “I suppose I better” or a “great advice”. But it isn’t all down to one person. The companies don’t give a shit and neither do UKGC. They all just have to have some sort of effigy that says they do.

There was one point where I questioned if I should go on crypto or foreign slots to get around my online self exclusion but the whole system is untrustworthy enough under english law. I couldn’t even begin to risk it beyond that. So I quickly binned the idea. I don’t think crypto/foreign gambling is safe at all. 4 people saying they got a withdrawal means fuckall.

And that’s the horrible part for me too… Bandit is a good streamer, comes across as a real deal, caring down to earth bloke. But beyond that I wouldn’t trust these places and do what he is doing. I’m not saying one way or the other. I just wouldn’t risk it.