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Spin_em_in wrote:

Hi Phil,

Thanks for taking the time to answers these questions they are very insightful.

In a earlier comment you mentioned that you have the ability to check games potential via dev tools. Do you also have the ability to check theoretical odds on potential where providers don’t list it in there info/rules?

I ask this because prag’s Sweet Bonanza has a advertised max win over 21,100x yet there is no proof anyone has ever gotten anywhere close to it.

The site i play it has option for side bets on Sweet Bonanza and they will pay out 192391/1 (inc house edge of course) on a win over 1000x, but no option for higher so cant make a rough guess myself. I wondered what are the odds of actually landing over 20,000x and is it even possible?


The max wins are simulated but then capped at a certain amount. That win is certainly possible i would say, but would be a 1 in 5billion chance of occuring. So wildly unlikely you will “see it” somewhere or have it yourself. 99%+ of people gambling dont share their wins so its not likely youll ever see it.