Reply To: Should Chip be in prison ?

ImperialDragon WANTED $68

I followed Chips from September 2018 until the 1st lockdown and enjoyed him as a double act as Chip and Jord.  The banter that went on between them, especially when they battled against each other.  However, when covid struck, Chips increased his daily weekdays content to 2-3 times a day plus weekends on top.  It was too much for me to fit in around my other 2 streamers, Stop ‘n’ Step and the Bandit, whose content remain unchanged in the lockdown.

It’s silly to suggest a custodial, but morally, I felt he took advantage of the lockdown situation which was anti-competative.

After unfollowing Chips, I picked up Casino Grounds who do short 10-minute slot compilations a few times a week and occasionally I see Chips on there. It seems he has a different sidekick now (not Jord) and plays bonus buys in €uros. I’m not sure where I stand with that as the Bandit as done this too, but again it’s few and far in between his £UKP videos, where Chips seems to be playing in €uros permanently.