Should Chip be in prison ?

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    farahtrousers WANTED $13

    Many people think he is morally bankrupt, myself included but I do wonder if he has broken any laws when it comes to gambling and the promotion thereof. Would that then possibly mean some casinos are breaking laws and quite possibly, other gambling streamers ?

    If no laws are being broken, should UKGC and other gambling commissions or governments be controlling or stopping these practices that we see ?

    Naturally, I am talking about all governments, especially those who have trade agreements therefore have mutual laws to follow. (For those who don’t understand, if you make a purchase or transaction in another country, you and the seller are required to follow both country laws otherwise the transaction is obviously illegal on either or both sides which jeopardises trade agreements if done with no regard.)

    Simply put, is what these pricks are doing, legit ?

    Berty1000 WANTED $16

    Not my cup of Tea anyway. Can’t and won’t watch his channel but each to their own. Bandit & Rolla the only streamers I’m happy to watch and know their not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes in terms of legitimacy.



    cobmanchester WANTED $2

    I just watch THE BANDIT, and the funny Mr angry  Dazza Gee.

    ImperialDragon WANTED $50

    I followed Chips from September 2018 until the 1st lockdown and enjoyed him as a double act as Chip and Jord.  The banter that went on between them, especially when they battled against each other.  However, when covid struck, Chips increased his daily weekdays content to 2-3 times a day plus weekends on top.  It was too much for me to fit in around my other 2 streamers, Stop ‘n’ Step and the Bandit, whose content remain unchanged in the lockdown.

    It’s silly to suggest a custodial, but morally, I felt he took advantage of the lockdown situation which was anti-competative.

    After unfollowing Chips, I picked up Casino Grounds who do short 10-minute slot compilations a few times a week and occasionally I see Chips on there. It seems he has a different sidekick now (not Jord) and plays bonus buys in €uros. I’m not sure where I stand with that as the Bandit as done this too, but again it’s few and far in between his £UKP videos, where Chips seems to be playing in €uros permanently.

    [email protected] WANTED $1

    I just enjoy the bandits vids as they are better stakes and more exiting to watch  the bandit always produces genuine vids that lose aswell as win this seems genuine to me.

    Slot WANTED $14

    he broke many gambling laws, he advertise Stake casino for many months, and now he is streaming from a crypto casino with no license for UK or Irland, but when it comes to Crypto casinos not even chip many others are doing the same, streaming on Crypto casino and pushing views to join crypto casino, most of this crypto casino run by Russian from Cyprus

    The funny part is non of Streamers will show the wagering amount you need to do, a risk-making deposit from wallet to casino, not showing how much they get charged before they even make a deposit to the casino (4%-5%), and none of them are telling viewsers you could get tax bill if you spend over £3000 a year on Crypto wallet

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $39

    Well said on the Crypto casinos, they all told viewers to steer clear of this type of thing until it meant they couldn’t make money from videos anymore due to the UK changes outlawing fast spins and bonus buys. Jimbo and Craig now doing the same.

    I only watch Stop and Step, Bandit and Letsgiveitaspin now. Even the latter is troubling giving their higher stakes but at least it’s real money with those I mentioned.

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