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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

ImperialDragon wrote:

I think this is mostly Pragmatic and Nolimit City right?

Some pen-pushers (who have no gambling experience) decided that it’s all a-ok to bet a £500 spin on roulette or Crazy Time, but it’s not a-ok to buy a £50 bonus.

What Pragmatic and Nolimit did was to allow us mortal UK gamblers to play their games at a rate of between 1.2X bet (e.g. Remember Gulag) and 2.0X bet (e.g. Pearl Harbor).  This puts more scatters on the reels for an increased bonus chance.  In theory anyway.

I’ll be honest, now you mention it, I think it is just those two, I can’t think of any game on another provider that offers the extra chance ….