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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $702

The devil wrote:

Had some free spins on one of my accounts today cba with depositing and losing at the minute so thought I’d play them don’t always because you never get anything, however turned the free spins into around £10 to then playing a few games and doing well got the balance at around the £110 mark decided to up my bet still a little bit to wager and thought whatever I get I’ll use it anyway, end up getting the bonus on legacy of ra megaways on 2 quid about 30 odd in the balance it blows the doors off for just shy off 900x £1741 then complete the wager with £1650 in the balance for that to drop down to £100 to then realise the max I can win from any free spins is £100 honestly I’m not a big stake gambler 20-40p so that type of balance is incredible to me and to not even lose it has really really hurt I’ve ended up spinning the £100 which tbh I was either gonna get that money up to 4/5 hundred or fk all but I just can’t believe my luck devastated to say the least!!!!!

Ahh my man, that’s a gut ripping moment… what a pisser