Reply To: Which slots have you never been able to bonus?

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ImperialDragon wrote:

This will be subjective so I’ll be expecting different answers.  Eye of Horus and Donuts were historically a bugger to bonus for me, but at least I have bonused them now.

The 2 impossibilities for me in 2022/23 are Big Bamboo and Max Megaways.

I have put over £500 into Max Megaways on 40p or 60p stake and not even a gamble (25X) chance of the feature. At least with other BTGs of the same era (Golden Catch, Pirate Pays, Wild Flower etc) I have been able to bonus them. Outlaw is cutting it fine, but I have managed to bonus that once too.

Big Bamboo drops in 3 scatters, but what is the point in having 3 scatters when the 3rd one always grey-rocks? I’ve had scatters grey-rocked me 8 times out of 8 the last time I played it.

Yeah I agree with max megaways, and bamboo rocked me so much I’ve stopped, but the one game I’ve never bonus is the bank one the bandit likes, when you need the robbers across the middle…. And that’s a fucking old game as well, so bandit if your ever feeling generous, wouldn’t mind you having a go and giving me all the thousands it’ll never give ….