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-Dist WANTED $23

Biohazard wrote:

OliverARyan wrote:

Alright Steve,

I have been trying to get Nitropolis 3 to drop the ‘super bonus’ to drop!

Supper fun game, lots of teases and an unholy amount of potential, I always seem to just fall short of something truly disgusting! would love to see you play it and I know if anyone can get that super bonus to land it’ll be you my man !


Cheers for all of the continued hard work and welcome back, glad to see you’re still a fucking delinquent


These videos you’re pumping out are doing me the world of good, so thank you again

He actually played it in his latest video and managed to get the super bonus first time. Absolute madness! Paid barely anything unfortunately.

Oops. Above was meant as a reply to this.