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Evening or afternoon  all,


Long time lurker and watcher of Bandit videos. Hope you are all well.


I gambled in bookies for about 7 years before moving on to online slots. Where realistically for me things never actually materialised. Leading up to the day I decided to Jack it in for good ( sometime in June 2021 ) I had lost around 5 grand in the space of 3 months. I was still at uni. Had and still have an ebay business and worked full time etc so I wasn’t making mega bucks but made enough to have some spare funds.


For context I played a lot of play and go games, Book, merlin etc. I also used to try the no limit games and the megaways games as I was on the hunt for the unobtainable 100,000x wins. More fool me.

I am still adamant to this day, in what must have been nearly 20 grand over a 4 year period that I never had a single win over 1000x. And I would play on anything from 50p to £10 a spin ( balance depending ) I deposited £600 one evening and got up to 5k and within an hour it was gone,  playing max £5 stakes.


The final day came around where a friend and I were having a cheeky daytime session. Got from £500 to £1500 and decided to give madame destiny megaways a go. To cut a long story short with £18 left in the balance we got a bonus on £6 stake or thereabouts. It paid 6x. That was it for me. Having seen up to £100k hits on £6 stake, that was the final nail in the coffin for me.


I had some great times gambling and some no so great times but i never had that one win that every gambler tells the story about. A little upsetting to think I lost all that money with nothing to really shout about but there we go.


I haven’t gambled since that day and don’t intend to. I’m quite happy watching the bandit and occasionally Paul’s highlight reels ( as I do genuinely think they are the only guys on YouTube not being bankrolled by Curaçao ).


Anyway, I hope that sheds a bit of light to the other side of gambling which is that it is perfectly plausible to spend a fuck ton of money and not even hit 1000x haha.


Have a good one fellas.