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verman4ik wrote:

It seems that you have to understand how slot machines are working. Some players have accounts in different casinos or play in different slots? I mean providers. I won, but in the end lose playing Holmes & the Stolen Stones)) I wanted its jackpot))

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In my experience, and i think some can attest to that too, your action is simply based on your deposits. You deposit alot? You can expect to a certain degree you’ll get action. You deposit less? Consider yourself extremely lucky if you manage to score a 1000x up to 5000x.

In my experience, i always seem quite even in regards of my winnings to the level i deposit. How is that? Ive seen this with Rocknrollah too. The guy said to deposit over a 100k and at the end of the year he hits the big 10 pound dream of a game.

The feeling itches me that, after watching 4 episodes of the bandith while doing 1000 deposits a day, he seems to end at the 4th day with a larger win. But nothing out of the usual… Just almost as close as what he started with.

I’m not saying it’s rigged. I cant help it watching and thinking about that theory, that was if we are just paying for our own (dumb) entertainment here and there’s never really a chance to really get ahead (unless you hit the live games and you do get lucky).

I mean i have bad days; and once the good days are in the slots all over the place just massively blow out the doors. One win after another and even on the same providers. I mean how big are the true chances to that?