Reply To: How is this possible or even allowed?

Blackkbeauty WANTED $3

This has been happening for awhile ever since the stakes were  reduce in the betting shops and lowering of the RTP at regular intervals

I don’t even play my favourite games anymore -the games that gave me pleasure have all changed  for example base games payout is consistently low which for the inexperience player one  could believe  they are winning but if the base payout is considerably lower than your stake you are  actually losing consistently and your money don’t last as long!

Nobody can give the excuse.,  well it’s gambling , I have been gambling for years and I can tell you,  bonuses  are rare these days and base payout are low

It  is  no longer fun , where is the thrill? The enjoyment has gone forever .The belief that I had a chance of winning big has gone -this is no longer possible

These days I only deposit  low and when it gone , I don’t deposit again, what for ,m- to have 40 dead’s spins , no thanks! .I also don’t re deposit because there a high probability that I have dead’s spins, low  payout, no bonus  and I will become bored!.

If only the Bandit …. would release all his old videos on DVD what enjoyment- these days are sadly gone forever