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The devil wrote:

I’ll reply on this thread with the same question as know got back to me but I’ve seen some comments about the bandit and basically how reliable it is I’m not sure but a friend of hideous slots has said he’s been told the bandit has no plans to ever return with videos etc. Not sure that’s from hideous himself or whatever but for once i actually believe this one might be true, there’s no sign of him at all, a mean it’s nearly a year since last video and don’t get me wrong if he’s done, he’s done but what I’d prefer as someone who has been apart of this forum and supported a long time is just to come out and say I’m done with the videos blah blah blah it’s pretty simple really, obviously I do understand if he does that most will leave the forum and unsubscribe so that’s probably why but if he is 100% done then it shouldn’t be an issue, that’s just my take on it anyway

Feel free to “unsubscribe”…. The forum doesn’t really have the option but I’m sure @Seedy will be happy to oblige if you want out.

If bandit wants to be back i’m sure he will be, but if not then I wouldn’t blame him, the whole scene is fucking toxic.

Seyahkram1977 wrote:

Been back in megaways this last few weeks, and it’s a strange one, one game jack megaways needs like 9 tumbles to bonus, and there’s a new one ( fuck if I can remember the name  ) and that only needs 4 tumbles…. It’s crazy how the 4 tumble game gets me more frustrated than the 9 ( and I know if they bonus they’ll bonus ) but oh my god …. It’s only 4 wins on a megaways board …. Wtf??????

both games are cool tho ..


The differences between megaways games is nearly as frustrating as “is it 3 scatters or 4”

Good that you’ve found a couple of enjoyable games though 🙂