Your slotting Weekend?

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    Mondayblues23 WANTED $39

    Interested to hear how things went, mines was a bit crazy!

    Deposited on Friday night at my favourite Casino – Leovegas – Have a great connection with this site and I’m still in a positive Net position for deposits/withdrawals. Anyway, I stuck in £100 and decided to play my favourite slot, Reactoonz. managed a couple of £600 wins in the past from small stakes but it hasn’t paid me in a while and I’m yearning for that big win. Stuck it on 80p a spin and was £60 down when I got a run to Garga, first hit paid shit but left a few wilds and pinks and then the double Garga hit them all for an astonishing £1,200!! was jumping up and down like a fucking loony as that’s my best ever win. Played on and got another £100 Garga win and then hit some other slots and managed to get to £1,400 before doing what all good/bad slotters do, started spunking it on another game, Moon Princess, chasing a big win on the free spins feature. Was sitting at £990 and cursing myself before it dropped the free spins and I managed back upto £1200 and cashed out, lucky I got a bit of a comeback and was as happy as a pig in shite!

    Spent the Saturday watching my fixed odds selections promise the world and deliver the usual, one fucking team!! Southampton on the cunts list for £400 – Managed to refrain from the slots until Sunday afternoon, was given a 75% match offer by Spinland and thought a nice £200 will do on that and see what happens. Played a few games and then couldn’t help myself and ended back on the Toonz, done very well and won £300 from the Garga and had £500 that I could withdraw, decided to gamble and chase another big win, this time on Rise of Olympus (moon princess clone) and it fucking skelped me! Ended up on £4 spins, max I ever do is £2 normally less but had that invincibility feeling that was quickly replaced by the ‘your an arsehole’ realisation.

    Watched the footy and had dinner, messed about online and decided one last weekend deposit, £100 on Casumo this time and yip you’ve guessed it, Reactoonz in some weird daft thinking that it might do it again. £30 in and I get an Implosion and the dreaded two Alterations, or so I thought. First one changed to 3 pinks, second one changed to a shit load of them and the outcome was a 17×2 and another £1200 – The Mrs and kids were sleeping so had to do a Bandit style inward scream as I couldn’t believe my luck. Again another monster on 80p stake – Played on again for ages pretty static and got another £100 hit and decided £1300 cashout was the dogs bollocks for me.

    Weird thing is, had I cashed out this afternoon winnings, I wouldn’t have done another deposit. Weird how a loss can quickly be redeemed. I’m long in enough in the tooth to know that this was a once in a lifetime run probably and that it won’t happen like this again, nor would I recommend this as a way of playing. Just had to share as I’m still sitting here happy as fuck.


    Winnings will be spent on something nice that I’ve bought over the last year or so, paying off the fukcing credit cards lol


    Hope your lucks been good!

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