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    Antwarn555 WANTED $1

    Hi All


    was looking forward to watching the latest YouTube vid, but it appears to have been taken down. Anyone else had this problem???

    smellmacheese WANTED $0

    Seems the Bandit has been caught?

    I’ve always enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube and thought you’ve been really fair with the advice regarding the pit falls of gambling.

    The long toothed, of us all, know you don’t win but ‘temporarily gain’.

    Don’t know if that the same for a professional but everyone needs to understand that these machines (which they were in my day) are designed to make money…. not give it out!

    It’s just a bit more digital now.  The JPM is still one away, the same as the Rainbow Riches.

    Amusements aren’t ‘amusements’ anymore and the multitude of remote digital casino is so accessible that you can lose vast amounts of money….. even though you don’t have it.

    Gambling is so aggressive nowadays  There’s no fun or skill in it anymore.

    I only joined your site a month or so but have watched your videos for some time but it doesn’t surprise me that YouTube are starting to clamp down.

    I’m not saying that the PC brigade have went mad but I personally know how much money you can lose on line and I’m someone that has been around it for some time.

    What does it look like to someone who has never seen or experienced the rush?

    spudulika WANTED $0

    Yes hes making too much money from youtube so they banned him.

    smellmacheese WANTED $0

    No, I don’t agree.

    They’ve taken down his posts because they believe it promotes gambling.

    I’m sure he’s getting a throw back but don’t use the links then.

    The guy, in my opinion, has seen an opportunity to make a few £££ through his gambling experiences.

    I like the videos and enjoy watching them.

    If You Tube had a conscience then they should never have let him broadcast.


    So is TOBACCO, HEROIN (other drugs are available), and ALCOHOL.

    I don’t see many videos being promoted on YouTube about them.


    babyface WANTED $36

    I have enjoyed the Bandits videos but you make a valid point smellmacheese.

    If someone broadcast a video of themselves doing Heroin twice a week and showing that it can be enormous fun, and then adding a link where you could have a go at it the stream would be down faster than you can shake a stick.

    Gambling is an addiction like Heroin and can be just as harmful in the long run, it is just more invisible as you don’t have needle marks or the shakes.

    Now as I say, I have enjoyed the videos but my personal view is that You Tube did the right thing.  I have watched many of these and seen so many people posting that they have lost money, including one who lost £6.5k in one night after being inspired by the broadcasts – he was close to despair.

    We don’t need videos of gambling on you tube which anyone can come across to make it look exciting to young minds, and we certainly don’t need to incentivise it with free raffles and big win posters.  By all means the Bandit should keep broadcasting, but use this medium where his hard core fans can view them, don’t go out seeking the weak and easily influenced who might come across it by accident, see one of the big win videos and think its going to happen to them.

    Notwithstanding the huge profits the Bandit has made its not smart and its not ethical, and I would hope when his young son grows up he will realise what harm can be done to immature minds whilst chasing financial gains.   If someone got his son addicted to an item, be it drugs, alcohol or tobacco in order to make a profit, I feel sure he would be screaming foul and cursing the individual concerned,


    Beefjerky WANTED $6

    Many of these streamers or compilation video sites have been taken down, it’s not due to a gambling policy because I know some are now back up and running.

    Hopefully bandit will be back soon too as I enjoy the videos and they actually deter me from gambling as I’ve seen him lose large balances quickly.

    not sure what the issue is but I’m sure Bandit will tell us when it’s sorted.

    smellmacheese WANTED $0

    Many Thanks for your comments ba.

    I don’t generally comment on forums and things like this but I really feel it’s something that should be debated.

    I’ve gambled since there was £1.00 jackpots (Moonbug etc….. sorry I’m really showing my age) and back then it was fun.  (Amusements were Amusements)

    Up to the introduction of B3 machines in 2005 I really didn’t think my gambling was a problem then it went mental.

    I never used to look at them (B3’s) and then one day I won £400.

    Well, the rest is history.

    Nowadays I’m not happy unless I get a four figure sum, which doesn’t happen very much.

    Does the Bandit encourage my behaviour?  No, not at all.

    But does it encourage others….. hmmm, I don’t know.



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