Yesterday’s video question to all!

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    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    Hey everyone looking at the comments on yesterday’s video seemed positive and that you enjoyed it now you may remember that during the big top Mr Bandit managed to release some sort of dead troll from up his arse due to excitement. I swear my nose is ruined and my eyes still sting so my question has anyone else been so happy they might have nearly poo’d ?????

    Anonymous WANTED $483

    Gotta say that was probably the best video i have ever watched from Bandit. The sound was no way near as bad as he thought it was. Very enjoyable.

    Don’t think most of us will ever get to the position of 40 quid spins and a 20k top gamble like he did. But I reckon if i did and hit it, id of Sharted my nick nacks too!

    Fuck me he hits the top more times than NickSlots gets salty about comments in his stream!

    Awesome Video and well worth the wait.


    mrsdoyle1968 WANTED $6

    It was worth him going away for a week to get a video like that, every hour he produces means an hour of laughter and slots enjoyment compared with the hour of sheer boredom from some of the other slots players.

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    I do find Reel King quite boring overall, but I still watch it all! Great video!

    Steve, you summed it up perfectly for me at the end. I genuinely love Muse, but hate Uprising, so I can relate. 😉

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    As a huge muse fan… yeah Uprising isnt the best… ok you have a point. Shit.

    odd Job WANTED $8

    My Concern with the last couple of videos. whilst being great viewing and hide behind the sofa horrors. is the level of Stake. It is apparent that you now more than ever need the higher stake to get the Buzz.. Your audience also wants it.  Just be careful it does not get out of hand.

    odd Job WANTED $8

    I sadly found the video very disturbing. Too get the Buzz bandit seems to have to play higher and higher stakes. For those of us who have gambled all our lives the warning signs are there. Too the viewer its exciting as well as a horror show., £6000 in down to £1000 upto £15000 down to a £1000 and then a nice gamble. Time maybe to take a break, one day these serious stakes will get out of hand.

    Sorry if i have offended anyone but its my concern

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    I get you mate, i had just been away a full week without any online play and i had also won in Vegas to the tune of $11,000 so fancied a proper go. I often play like this as my history on the game showed, 50,000+ spins with a PB top on VS of £25k odd, it wasn’t just some random event so don’t worry, despite what anyone may say – i know i am in full control. The problem is, no one knows what control is unless they know your full life circumstances do they.


    After the recording was finished, i topped reel king on £1.60 stake and 80p stake and tbh, it was just as much fun, the thrill of hitting the top is what i love 😀

    Wheatley WANTED $4

    Not gonna lie I get nervous just watching the reel king for you mate aha Its funny because when you get the near the top i gotta remember to my sound down aha great video as always

    snertos999 WANTED $3

    Absolutely no need to apologise for any of your vids. Always top quality entertainment.

    Anonymous WANTED $55

    Why did you start the sentence that your not gonna lie?    Do you usually lie then?

    just curious as I here that expression a lot nowadays.

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