Would love to say thank you to the Bandit

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    Mossy89 WANTED $10

    So this isn’t a beg post or anything like that it’s a genuine thank you to the <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Bandit</span>, I have been watching bandit for a while now and think I join this forum back in 2019, I don’t think bandit will ever see this but if you do pal if I ever seen you in real life I would shake your hand and thank you for so much content and keeping me from gambling, I know alot post saying he helps with not gambling but I haven’t ever signed up to gam stop or any other site it was literally bandit who stopped me gambling, me and my wife use to sit and watch his content losing £10000s on reel King and I slowly and I mean slowly realised treating my wife and my 2 beautiful kids to family days out was better and more rewarding then me blasting £500-1k a month on slots.


    So without this post becoming another post that wants to just say thank you am sat here now watching “Friday slots with the bandit!” And I know alot of people give you shit Bandit but I am seriously grateful and I hope you see this and put it into one of your videos just to show how many people you have helped!!!


    Once again thank you Bandit

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