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    Elvisp1977 WANTED $7

    Good morning Steve and everyone taking time to read this message

    I went to the Grovener casino yesterday (first time in 4 years as I live in the Philippines)

    first 20pounds in the machine playing 50p a spin ended up winning 400 pounds (a day when what ever you played you got the bonus )

    the game I had most success was WITHCHES WITCH during the bonus you collect 3 a mushroom and 2 others items and get 7 extra spins I got up to 84 free spins in one bonus
    probably last casino in uk I go to as return to Philippine on 15th October

    hope you all have as much fun playing as I did

    good luck in vegas

    take care enjoy



    Elvisp1977 WANTED $7

    Sorry it was wicked witches


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)