Who’s ever lost it all due to gambling?

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    Hey lads and lasses.

    Just thought id cheer myself up and write a morbid more serous piece haha

    I’d like to put things into perspective and explain my story from the past about Gambling addiction, and how it ruined life for a period of time.I’d also like to add that I do still gamble now but on a much smaller scale, and without the serious repercussions of betting everything i own.

    I do still class myself as a Compulsive Gambler, and i really would like to stop all together. But i enjoy the thrill too much 😉

    I’d love to hear some of your story’s and experiences too.

    I was 21 when i started gambling, slots and poker where my choices. And i  started to play the 500 jackpot slots and won a couple of jackys in the first couple of weeks, so i was well chuffed. And i then decided to play at Pokerstars deposited 100 and won a few sit and go’s plus final tabled a few mtt’s in the first few deposits so i was pretty much up money wise. Lost a bit then won a bit and so on. Did this for a year or so, then won a decent Tournament on Stars 1800 entrants or so and i won 3k or sommat like that. Then a week later won another Tournament for 6k, Plus a few more final tables and deep runs, so i was enjoying it. The slots weren’t paying as much but i was up at poker so wasn’t that bothered.

    Then came the dreaded downswing!

    I played slots and poker for feels like years and lost literally everything i owned, lost my girlfriend, my house and friends. I started to steal things, and lie about the most stupid stuff. I was miserable and depressed for so long. I even cancelled my holiday and used the funds for gambling…I mean WTF?

    My ex took me back after a while of me begging. She kept all my money and gave me an allowance, and i started to go to Gamblers Anon. This helped a lot. But in the end i went back to gambling and lost it all over again.

    Simply put. I’m gutted that i lost everything and would change it all if i could go back. But obviously that never gonna happen.

    I’m just happy that i can manage my money by myself now, and its all to do with my choices, not anyone elses. I choose to not gamble as much, and i choose to keep a lid on the way i gamble stake wise. Its hard, but years on its working. I slip up now and again but never in the drastic ways i used to. Sure there’s a chance it could happen again, but i’m praying it wont 😉

    Thanks for taking the time, and i look forward to reading some of your horror story’s 😉

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    @Just Basics I have a bank account just for gambling that funds are put into by the wife just so I don’t go crazy lol so I know what that is like.

    Bat_Terra WANTED $2

    I haven’t lost everything but the most i ever lost in a single sitting is 2000eur when i was 18, It was everything i had at the time and i felt pretty shity. I have learned my lesson and only deposit 100eur i week and i feel pretty comfortable now.


    bishman WANTED $60

    I’ve had a gambling problem all my life ever since I was a teenager.  When the £500 machines first came out I won a few jackpots same as you, and then one month I blew my entire months wage one Saturday, the day after payday, playing one particular machine, think it was Monopoly, it had a wheel that you could spin with prize amounts on it, one of which was £500 i think.  It had me transfixed for some reason.


    A few years later I had a job where I had to drive around the country, every service station I went past I had to go in and play the fruits.  Must have wasted hours and hours and thousands of pounds that I didn’t have (using credit cards and loans).  Caused me to lose my first true girlfriend, and ended up having to go bankrupt in my mid 30’s.

    I still play now online and at the services and sometimes the bookies, but I seem to have gone past the point where I would empty my entire bank account.  I know it could easily happen but I have managed to survive reasonably ok for the last few years.  I know I have still lost a ton of money but its just so hard to quit.



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