Who really starts with a 1-2k balance?

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    Anonymous WANTED $483

    I watch a lot of streamers, and ALL of them seem to start with a 1-2k balance with an options to reload a further few K.

    I’m just a regular micro gambler 20-40-60p stakes sometimes a cheeky few £1ers. And only deposit around £50 -£150. And i think that’s what most of us do here. Don’t get me wrong i love watching the videos from streamers, but they have an uncanny nack of being able to beat the casinos very regularly, but only with large fuck off balances. I never beat the casinos, maybe once or twice in over a year i have beaten them for a medium/large cashout.

    Would really like to see Bandit do at least one video a week with a maximum of £150 deposit in a single session. Just to let us see if he really is lucky as fuck, or is it just because he starts with thousands of pounds with an option to reload a few k more.

    I LOVE THE HIGH STAKES VIDEOS. But like a few others have said i think its starting to get a lot less relatable. I mean we don’t have the option to deposit thousands 3 or 4 times a week. So let’s get back to basics and let the streamers show us that they really can win without a monsterous starting balance.

    Peace & Carrots 🙂


    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    I think he did this in his last video and even took a bonus so had to beat the wagering requirement… But another way to look at this is if you deposit say £100 and play 50p stake there is no difference in that to a streamer depositing £1000 and using a £5 stake so the method of play will be the same?

    Anonymous WANTED $55

    Why does everyone keep bleating on about having the stakes relatable?  that would be so boring.   Its more of a buzz watching high stakes.  I don’t give a damn where streamers get their cash from.    Along as its not fake casino money, then I won’t watch that streamer again. As that is dull.      I used to start gambling on small stakes, but even that bored me and the stakes gradually crept up.   I’d prefer to see genuine crazy stakes.

    ligarr WANTED $82

    I usually start with £600-£1k deposits….and often win,obviously lose more but if you deposit many times a week you will have many winning sessions,just in the long term you will lose lots(as i have)…on a good run atm…id say from last 10 deposits im probably about 6k up,but i know if i continue that will soon be all be lost as it only takes 1 tilt session where you keep reloading to lose the lot.

    And i prefer the £2-£5 or higher stake videos personally.

    BobtheKnob WANTED $0

    Bottom line is that due to their huge affiliate income the streamers can afford to blow thousands and wii get big wins – it’s loke playing FOBT roulette – if you stake £5 a time you don’t win enough to beat the odds, on £100 a spin with 3 or 4 consecutive wins you look like the luckiest man alive.   Bandit does £20 spins and wins 10k he can drop down, on 50p spins you just don’t have that luxury

    I agree with Just Basics, I find the £10 spins boring, no way can I watch and thino i could have won that

    it also belies Eejits statement that affiliation is mot a massively profitable option, wouldn’t mind doing it myself but my moral compass points in a different direction


    nathanwd77 WANTED $1

    if you watch the way bandit gambles he has a lot of sense to it. he gradually increases his bet size/the variance of the slots. allowing himself the chance to dig out of the hole. most people don’t gamble like that. they just stick to 20/40p on the same slot hoping to hit a bonus. Also a lot of other streamers you see start most balances with 100 percent matched bonus which is plus ev long term. Bandit doesn’t do this and i’ve only ever seen him take bonuses which would be open to normal players. which is one of many reasons people shouldn’t bash him, he actually gives a fair representation of the slotting experience.

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