Whats Your Lucky Number of Spins for a Bonus!?

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    steveyt121 WANTED $4

    Hi Bandit!

    Love your work – don’t really care what stake you play your videos at, I think they are entertaining to watch regardless.

    Question to you and to all.. do you have a number of spins that you find lucky? Mine is 21, and whenever I play the slots I play 21 spins and then change the game – only once has it happened! I get a few bonus’s in less than 21 spins, but never hit one on the 21st spin exactly!

    Massively random! and i know its lucky if you get a bonus within 21 spins anyway but just wondering if anyone else plays a similar way?!

    And Bandit if you hit a bonus on 21 spins make sure your film in – will probably be a belter haha


    Peace and happy spinning!


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