Vikings Unleashed Reloaded optimal gamble strategy

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    EddieEggman WANTED $2

    Just finished watching Bandit’s Vikings Unleashed Reloaded single slot video – it got me thinking as to whether there’s an optimal gambling strategy if the sections of the wheel are a true representation of chance.

    I can’t seem to find the data sheet for the game, but I was just reading through the Phil Q&A thread and it was mentioned in there a few times that the outcome is predetermined. If that’s the case then surely it’s best to just set them all to max and gamble on the thin slice of the pie, could save a lot of time if doing a max hunt on $6.40 ones.

    But then if that’s not the case, where can I get the data sheet so that I can ask ChatGPT to calculate the optimal gambling strategy for me!?

    Any help is much appreciated

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