Vikings go to Hell

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    DirtBag1976 WANTED $5

    Guys what  you think about Vikings go to Hell ???


    I had imazing ups and downs on this one. The random chest is super un -f- predictable…can give you 7 or 12 free spins…or 200x cash or…bag of dirt…

    Bandit gave it a very short try…


    I am requesting game revision !!!  400-500 spins at 2,50 or 4.00


    I hit 4200 euro on 5e/spin…  lvl2 bonus with almost full screen of sticky wilds…ev. spin was a big win something similar to DHV with good setup and retrigger…huhhh 🙂

    Slippery_Gypsy WANTED $2

    I’ve played this game a few times and bonus’d it a few times too. But every bonus has been like £30-40 on a £2.50 stake.

    the issue for me is you rarely get any base game wins to tide you over so it just eats money while you try and build the meters.

    I’m not a fan of the ‘build’ games as i just feel like im ploughing cash into getting a good bonus, and if i get a bonus i know it will be sub par as ive not built it up enough. I felt the same about kingmaker too

    DirtBag1976 WANTED $5

    well when you building this bonuses on the left there is 2 things which can help you:


    1. this unpredictable chest can give you +30 or +50 points for all bonuses …nice 🙂

    2. when you finally have berzerek mode bonus activated the viking you playing is a sticky wild ev. time he is landing (he is not fighting to be a wild…others still does)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)