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    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Well, I will start with VideoSlots and to be honest, i love this place.

    My RTP is easily the best here, i think the amount of money they give back is incredible, there are casino races, weekend boosters, loads of wager free free spins and it just all adds up massively.

    Many people ask how i get bonuses from VideoSlots, well, i never used to because i hadn’t opted in to their communications jobby and then when i did do that, it would go to my junk folder so make sure you are both opted in and then have them as a safe sender and you may well receive some too!

    If i was to have a gripe about the casino it would be the verification process, frankly it is a nightmare and i had to send 6 proofs myself. What i will say though is once it is complete, withdrawals are 24 hours back into your bank with super reliability.

    Each month i do a cash giveaway with my videoslots players, there is £1500 to be won every single month, visit the prize draws page here for more info on how to take part!

    Let me know your personal experiences and opinions of VideoSlots, good or bad, we want to know!

    benq99 WANTED $229

    yes one of the best sites quick on paying out takes them about 20 mins and its cash on its way ,2 days in your bank

    alan121 WANTED $2

    Great casino to play hard to get verified to withdraw and yet i dont think it was to keep you playing i just found it hard going sorted out my captain venture bonus money which got lost when bonus finished very quickly.

    joydgreen WANTED $1

    I only really play VS now. The rewards are great, they send out a bonus in the post every month, wager-free spins, and I’ve regularly cashed out over £100 with that. The RTP is mad, I’ve turned a tenner into nearly a grand 3 times now, just playing on 30p/40p stakes. It does sometimes go a bit dead, like last month was shite, but I know it’ll pick up again, so it’s not a bother.


    Agree the verification process is a total ballache though!

    Spidermint WANTED $99

    I think the verification “fiasco” is the same pretty much anywhere now. Casumo asked me for a selfie?? What next, some holiday photos??
    I have been with Videoslots a long time now, so as I am remember the process wasn’t so bad back in the day, just 3 forms of ID.

    They have pretty much all the games you could want and as the Bandit says, the cashback is great. I have often turned the cashback into something having lost my original deposit a week earlier.

    I do get a bit fed up of having the game filter reset every time I try a game and come back. As someone who likes to try all the new slots this is a royal pain. The UI could definitely do with an update.

    The only other real issue is the fact that lots of games do not work, especially some of the older Microgaming slots.

    Other than that can’t fault them. Fast payments, generous bonuses and wager free spins. happy days.
    Marry that up with a Bandit giveaway there every month (don’t even have to be signed up through him) and you are golden.

    Plus I hit this 5000x on Laser Fruit so my RTP is over 100% so I am a bit biased 🙂

    holdthebellsmate WANTED $10

    I do like Videoslots, cashback and freespins for achievements and something not everyone considers is traffic. Smaller casino sites are like pokey arcades, it is like you are filling most of the games up with just a rare big win.

    Only downside is they have put they have put the freeroll wagering requirement up to £500 from £200, probably because too many cheapskates like me. Still I won’t chase that, just play within my limits.

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    Absolute fucking disagree right now.


    They mess with my responsible gaming amounts, making it so i cant deposit at times for 2-3 weeks, and its a weekly limit. (BTW I work in casinos, i know its not me doing it).


    Deposits £100 x 4 theother night. 4 of them failed at the beginning as it said my card declined it. Check online 2 days later and it took 8. They have no record of this so they are about to get chargebacked the fuck out of.


    Oh – RTP 94.9%. Sigh. From around 19k deposits.

    holdthebellsmate WANTED $10

    I cancelled the loss limit, didn’t know I had set one, which takes 7 days and still have an active loss limit which lasts until July. Crazy stuff, guess I won’t be using them after playing through this deposit eventually.

    Vladukasas WANTED $7

    Best site for me.. weekend boosters are nice. Quick cash out . Didn’t had a problems with verifying my account. Money usually in a account within 12 hrs. Just one win of £3600 took 36 hrs to reach my account . Like there are loads of slots mobile friendly:)

    Mysteron71 WANTED $19

    Unfortunately this site stiffed me so bad when i first signed up to them I ended up closing it for 5 years 😀  so many deposits with nothing back.. my luck was terrible here 🙁


    Good to see others actually win something 😉

    Mosesmyman WANTED $0

    Great Casino! Best selection a games anywhere…running about 10% up over the last 4-5 years. 15k cashout 2years ago evened me out. Cashback and casino races with no wagering fortnightly freespins is a perk!

    Have had the double deposits issue a couple of times but came back to my card a week or 2 later :/

    Otherwise 9/10

    benq99 WANTED $229

    just had a withdraw on video slots and was accepted with in 20 mins but when i looked at my withdraw on there web site instead of showing my card details it just said adyen .so i got on to chat to be told they have changed there payout system and might be delay on payment,i ask well how long just to be told they dont know,so just a heads up if you have a cash out dont expect it to be in your bank 2 working days as normal .it shits me off when they dont even tell you that there system is changing and cant tell me how long before i see my£1,965 utter crap

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