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    darkhand1 WANTED $7

    if videoslots was the only online casino I would cease to play slots, I watch all the bandit videos on youtube love the guy, and decided to follow the bandit and give videoslots  another go,tried them a couple of years ago didn’t like them so never went back. anyway, i did go back and have to tell you videoslots are a bunch of robbing bastards. their games never bonus and I mean never. I admit I’ve only invested £3000 and I’ve only lost well nearly £3000. it’s not so much the money it’s just knowing the fucking game won’t bonus( nightmare.) other online casinos bonus,bonus bonus, videoslots  never.  if you as I do, seriously love your slots keep the fuck away from videoslots unless you have pockets the size of the bandits   ( you will suffer. )     darkhand1

    Chrissyxxx WANTED $2

    Just become a streamer….. might have more luck ?

    shiNer45 WANTED $16

    Not my experience with videoslots at all. Im about even with them from March, have deposited about 2k


    As for the bonus occurences I dont a huge difference from anywhere else I play, actually seems like I get a few more from them


    but everyones experience will be different, in the end we all lose…..

    zom1 WANTED $4


    I actually like videoslots, they have a great selection of games and their customer support is one of the best I have encountered for speed.

    However they do have lower RTP on play n go games so you need to be mindful of this if playing there.

    Never had any problems with them and the freeroll’s they offer are a nice feature that I have not seen offered by any other websites.

    As many have said before once you have deposited just assume the money is lost as most of the time it will be regardless of which casino you play at.

    But in terms of trustworthiness I would rank videoslots near the top end.






Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)