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    Rob2k94 WANTED $17

    Not my biggest win but my most memorable.

    It was back in September 2015 the lads and I were in Vegas for my best friends stag do…….. one problem the wedding was called off.Vegas booked already we’re going.

    My days were spent mostly in the casino as the lads lounged about. Ups and down nothing that epic apart from the flint stone machine but that’s a story for another time. After I’d bust out on a machine I’d kept the recipt. The lads when they did have flutter give me there losing recipt( this slips were usually around 5cent) The group at the start of the week had speculated into why I wanted them, my plan was to cash them in last night, all on 4black.

    Last night rolls around and after spending 30minutes stuffing these recipt’s into a machine I came out with 9.80 so added 20cent. Straight over to roulette table. 10$ black four( you already know where this is going) sure as shit four spins in. Que mass delirium across the Belagio main floor.360$ up me and my Friend(the supposed stag) ended up having a great night with two Dutch girls we’d met the night before. Went home broke but definitely worth it!




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