Tracking the bandits Bonus Buys Update

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    satman WANTED $2


    Having left it a while amidst the arguments of “ it’s such a small % etc,


    the latest update is that every shown bonus buy has been done from every video and That now totals over 6000 bonus buys and at no point has the RTP fallen below 100%

    As a player on the same site ( and yes I used your referral code, so you have made some good coin from me on that score !!)

    Your ability to pull out a save with a 3rd time lucky/one for the road, seems so very different to what I experience, and how you manage a positive outcome on a session soooooo frequently just seems unrealistic.

    Other forums have discussed the potential of a “ increased RTP for streamers “ and it’s not inconceivable as there are differing versions of the same games out there that is undisputed, but what I feel is concerning is that people are watching the bandit as one of the original “ real streamers “ and potentially not getting a true depiction of the story anymore.

    and maybe Bandit is not even aware of this,

    from the sites PoV it’s in their interests to make the sessions have a positive outcome for obvious reasons. And the easiest way to do this would be to enhance the players chances of winning….


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