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    Berty1000 WANTED $13

    Hi Steve,

    Great to have you back.  I have made a list of some games that I enjoy and believe have the potential to kick off.

    I have taken into consideration your playing in UK and can’t buy, so games that require 5 scats have been left out.

    Also, I’ve tried to list games that I haven’t seen you play much. Hope they bring you luck!

    1. Big-Time Gaming

    Gold Megaways- Has the trade big win for gamble-free spins. Iv had lots of bonuses on this but never managed the retrigger perhaps you will have better luck. All about the ways spin at the start, x3 wilds, and watches. It’s up there with Golden Catch in my opinion.

    2. Favorite Book Games 

    Book Of Shadows- Can take the piss to bonus but has massive potential. Also has the potential to land big in the bass game.

    Book of 99-  This is a grind game but usually takes a lot less time than others and if you can land a bonus before the 99 books you should be laughing. One of my biggest wins came on this game.

    3. Print Studios 

    Out of the Ice- huge potential can be a bit of twat to bonus. I always pick the High Volatility 4 Spins. Can reveal stupid Multipliers!

    4. Relax Gaming

    Banana Town- Multiply Builder but starts each bonus with different levels of multipliers already there. Can give Max Max

    Big Bamboo- This can be a nightmare to bonus and you really need Red at least but Gold for mega spondoolies

    Space Minors – Nice Variation of a game.

    Santa’s Stack- All about landing Xmas trees in the bonus to build a multiplier the more spins the wilds.

    5. Tunderkick 

    Gods of Rock- I love this game and have had massive wins but can drive you mad getting so close to giving a bonus then not. If two thumbs or three thumbs come out you have a chance for a bonus.

    6. Elk

    Drops- This game is one of my favorite games at the moment. Just think it’s a very enjoyable game and has a big potential. I have massive hits on it but also had the mega bonus ( which is when the multiplier starts times 10) it gave me like 6x. So again not for everyone. Have had over 500x on it twice.

    Avalon Gold- Very similar to a lot of their games but has a nice added feature in the bonus with feature reveal.

    7. Hacksaw Gaming

    Pug Life- Obviously like most Hack saw games extreme volatility.

    Rocket Reels- Same Extreme Volatility.


    Thanks for all the entertainment bud. If you ever have any jobs going helping promote your content or whatever just let me know. 🙂

    Would love a chance to be part of the team!

    Kind Regards,


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