Today is poets day

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    Haz40 WANTED $870

    After a long first full week back to work after xmas today is officially poets day. Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday. So any plans people. Me I’m ready for a pint or possibly a gallon tonight. A ruby tomorrow me thinks. Few bets, bit of poker perhaps, plenty of football watching and some long walks with the dog ( to help with tomorrow’s hangover) and if she’s lucky may spend some time with the missus. So any tips send them over and lets hope for winning weekend. 😁

    The Bandit WANTED $3,864
    El Bandito

    Plenty of footy for me i’d say tomorrow haha although i haven’t looked at the fixtures yet, hopefully get a bloody winning bet in – oh and definitely a bit of rum this evening i would say, i received an awesome gift of all the variations of Old J rum so i shall be sampling haha 😀


    Dissapointed with this thread, i thought it was going to be about Poetry …. The beauty of a retrigger, the sense of aerosal when wheels slow roll, the meaningful melodic tune of a slot you have played on for the last 2 hours, the joy of a massive X win that you cant figure out in the moment before the win tells you its 5000x, the sound of the stampede on buffalo, the cry of delight when bandit hits the top on reel king….we are missing all this and not taking it in to our minds eye…………………Oh bolox, just blew another ton,,,fucking stupid game and the poetry…lol 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)