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    Smokingbeagle WANTED $59

    so to those who watch the channel I would regularly hashtag the month on the videos to bring cheer and goodwill #fabfeb #megamarch

    i has a small run where I suggested different slots and The bandito won huge #slotwhisperer

    ive been a gambler for a long time and have recently self excluded myself from everywhere .

    and you know what it feels good .

    ive had many big wins and huge losses in my life and it’s good to have a champion in Steve to be able to give a little light refreshment and do the gambling for us so to speak.

    although towards the end of my gambling I would  only gamble what I can afford I realised I can afford to lose a lot which in reality could have been that new car . That holiday or that new Tv I wanted .

    remember to gamble responsible and take it from someone who knows when you start to TILT stop and walk away. Gambling angry is worse than gambling what you can’t afford

    thanks for the support you give to all and showing the shit as well as the good


    Eightblack WANTED $446

    well put, thats some solid advice man

    GIRTH32 WANTED $16

    Hi just read your post and well done mate , because I wish I could stop I am struggling big time with my gambling at moment lost 1200 pound today my wages gone no bills paid phone calls to try and sort it all out just at that crossroads and don’t know which way to turn at moment think need help but also need to tell my wife done it again so get through the weekend and start rebuilding again hopefully think realised there’s only one winner today take care

    odd Job WANTED $8

    Girth32 tough position to be in, many here i imagine have been there,  hope all goes well

    GIRTH32 WANTED $16

    Cheers odd job will get there hopefully

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